Courtney Leiba is based in Canberra, Australia.
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Calypso is the native rhythm of Trinidad and Tobago. It conjures up images of Carnival and festivities. Calypso Pan-tas-tic has taken this musical style and creates a new concept in entertainment, featuring the talents of professional musicians in the entertainment business. The band timbales and a range of percussion instrunents played by Courtney Leiba.

Courtney Leiba -
Former Trinidad Tripoli steelband member, and one of the few steelbandmen in Australia who is mentioned in the development of the steelband movement. He has performed:
    With Trinidad Tripoli Steelband:
  • Royal Command Performance before Queen Elizabeth 11
  • Ed Sullivan and David Frost television shows
  • Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas and The Nugget Casino, Reno/Sparks, Nevada
  • Liberace Tour band artist in USA. and Canada.

    With Caribbean Carnival:
  • Worked with Clayton Davis' Caribbean Carnival Show throughout NSW.

    With Calypso Pan-Tas-Tic:
  • Worked as a steelband duo at Hamilton Island Resort
  • Kingstontown Shopping Centre jingle, Tasmania
  • Percussionale New Castle Festival
  • Convention centre, nightclubs and festivals in canberra.

Calypso Pan-tas-tic
Provides several packages cheap swiss replica watches uk in calypso, reggae, jazz and Latin American music as:
  • Solo steelpan.
  • Piano and steelpan.
  • Steelpan duo (tenor pan, double second).
  • Steelband trio (tenor pan, double second, and dup-dup or two note bass drum), or steelpan, piano and bass.
  • Four piece band including steelpan, piano, bass, drums, percussion vocal and can include other instruments up to a ten piece band.

Calypso Pan-tas-tic specialises in theme nights, conventions and functions. Note: duos and trios are mostly used for pre-dinner drinks.

The steelband is suited for outside events together with limbo stick for audience participation. This four piece band is can perform anywhere around the building replica swiss watches uk sale. This enhances a tropical atmosphere with the entertainers in striking colourful costumes. The all steelband group consists of a tenor pan, double second, (a dup dup) or double bass and drums meizitang soft gel versión forte. Its is also suitable for cocktails pre-dinner drinks. The music is Calypso and Rumba.

Calypso Pan-tas-tic, the band plays Calypso, Reggae, Jazz and Latin American music. Suitable for cocktails, functions, weddings, etc. Consist of steelpan and congas,piano,bass and drums

(Intrumental: steelpan, piano, and bass) This group is suitable for cocktails, pre-dinner drinks. The musicans dress in dinner-suits. Soft background music.

This is a five piece band (steelpan, piano, bass,drums and vocals or horn) The band plays Calypso, Reggae Jazz and Latin American replica swiss watches uk online. This is music for dancing. The musicians can dress for the occasion either in dinner-suits or colourful costumes. The group can even be moulded to form a four piece through to a ten piece showband which includes horns meizitang botânico emagrecimento gel suave and a feature singer. Our competitive prices are always negotiable.